Nothing "The Great Dismal" 12"

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Fourth Press

2435 x Neon Yellow Cloudy Effect Standard Gram

Third Press

1111 x Clear with Neon Yellow and Black Splatter Standard Gram

Second Press

2000 x Neon Orange and Milky Clear Half 'n Half with Neon Orange and Royal Blue Splatter Standard Gram

500 x Black Inside Swamp Green with Brown, Neon Pink and White Splatter Standard Gram * Exclusive*

500 x Neon Pink and Milky Clear Half 'n Half with Neon Pink and Cyan Blue Splatter Standard Gram * Exclusive*

500 x Bloodshot Eye Standard Gram * Exclusive* (Ships on or before release date of 10/30/20)

First Press

3500 x Royal Blue with Metallic Silver and White Splatter Standard Gram

500 x Royal Blue with Neon Magenta and White Color Twist Standard Gram *North America Retail Exclusive* (Not available through

300 x Baby Pink with Royal Blue, Swamp Green and Brown Splatter Standard Gram *Europe and UK Retail Exclusive* (Not available through

200 x Royal Blue with Bone White Pinwheels and White and Baby Blue Splatter Standard Gram *Europe and Germany Retail Exclusive* (Not available through

100 x Clear (Not available to the public - Friends of band and label only)

The Great Dismal, NOTHING's new full-length album explores existentialist themes of isolation, extinction, and human behavior in the face of 2020’s vast wasteland. Closing in on the band’s ten-year mark, frontman Domenic Palermo finds himself stringing together songs of misanthropic tales of Philadelphia with a refined and refreshed take on NOTHING's classic sound.

“The Great Dismal refers to a swamp, a brilliant natural trap where survival is custom fit to its inhabitants,” Palermo states. “The nature of its beautiful, but taxing environment and harsh conditions can’t ever really be shaken or forgotten too easily.”

The ever progressive NOTHING keep true to their chaotic outlook on life, keeping a keen eye to avoid repetition. With a radical cast of talented contributors such as harpist Mary Lattimore, classical musician Shelley Weiss, and singer/songwriter/producer Alex G., The Great Dismal showcases yet another essential side of the band’s trademark American Post-Shoegaze.

Release date: October 30, 2020

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