Final Gasp "Mourning Moon" CD

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FINAL GASP unleash their debut album Mourning Moon! A harrowing journey through all things Hardcore, Metal, and Goth, Mourning Moon drags the listener through the dark in 12 thrilling tracks, and drives a stake right into the heart of 2023's most compelling releases. 

Opener "Climax Infinity" sets the tone for what's to come: the undeniable hardcore swagger of the Boston-based band is immediate as drums and guitars stomp and riff against one another, while FINAL GASP vocalist Jake Murphy howls - "watch as the way it falls, your loss of control, from whispered incantations, burnt down for your invocation!"

Mourning Moon showcases expert songwriting and lyrical crafting, snarling and barking through the harsher, heavier punked out moments in "Blood and Sulfur" and "Frozen Glare" while flexing arena chops on the tremendous "Temptation" and utterly despairing "The Vanishing".

Elsewhere, the hook-laden title track explodes out of the underground and aims straight for the moon. Lead single "Mourning Moon'' is downright catchy and showcases FINAL GASP's knack for excellent songwriting. A song professing eternal love through a lens clad in black and morbid as ever,  "Mourning Moon" proves to be one of the most inventive journeys this side of the genre in recent times, recalling a prime period for luminaries Killing Joke and Danzig.

With Mourning MoonFINAL GASP emerge from the shadows, and step into the forefront of extreme music's new guard. 

Release date: September 22, 2023

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