Devil Master "Satan Spits on Children of Light" 12"

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Fifth Press

3210 x Neon Violet with Halloween Orange, Mustard Yellow and Cyan Blue Splatter Standard Gram

Fourth Press

651 x Electric Blue with Rainbow Splatter Standard Gram * Exclusive*

Third Press

1000 x Nuit (Black) Standard Gram

Second Press

300 x Neon Yellow Standard Gram

700 x Nuit (Black) Standard Gram

First Press

1200 x Nuit (Black) Standard Gram

300 x Fire and Brimstone Splatter (Yellow with Blood Red and Halloween Orange Splatter) Standard Gram *North American Indie Retailer Exclusive* (Not available through

200 x Webs of Sorrow (Blood Red with Black Smoke) Standard Gram * Exclusive*

100 x Abyssic Worship Blue (Royal Blue Inside Electric Blue with Purple, Mustard and Blood Red Splatter) Standard Gram * Exclusive*

100 x Clear (Not available to the public - Friends of band and label only)

Philadelphia's DEVIL MASTER stake their claim as one of the most venomous, twisted entities in the underground with their hellish debut, Satan Spits on Children of Light. The album, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Arthur Rizk (POWER TRIP, MAMMOTH GRINDER, OUTER HEAVEN, and more,) rattles the very gates of hell with a vile dose of black metal-infused punk mayhem. Commanding the steel of VENOM, the fury of BATHORY's earliest years, and the raw, uncompromising nature of the notorious GISM, Satan Spits on Children of Light sees DEVIL MASTER emerge from the grave and reach new blasphemous heights. Give in to the Satanic panic and obey your DEVIL MASTER!

Release date: March 1, 2019

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