Windhand "Grief's Infernal Flower" 2x12"

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Fourth Press

1032 x Baby Blue, Neon Violet and Cyan Blue Tri Color Merge with Neon Green, Mint Green and Swamp Green Splatter Standard Gram 

Third Press

1000 x Black Standard Gram

Second Press

1000 x Clear with Purple, Olive Green and Bronze Splatter Standard Gram

First Press

2400 x Electric Blue Standard Gram * Exclusive*

400 x Baby Blue / Deep Purple Merge Standard Gram * Exclusive*

300 x Black 180 Gram * Exclusive* (Includes slipmat)

250 x Relapse 25th Anniversary Silver Standard Gram * Exclusive*

150 x Green / Purple Merge w/ Splatter * Exclusive* (Includes slipmat)

2250 x Black Standard Gram *World Retail Exclusive* (Not avail through

735 x Olive Green Standard Gram *US / European Indie Retail Exclusive* (Not avail through

300 x Deep Purple Standard Gram *US Retail Exclusive* (Not avail through

100 x Baby Blue Standard Gram *Canadian Retail Exclusive* (Not avail through

100 x Clear (do not request clear)

WINDHAND's third full length, Grief's Infernal Flower is doom metal's most anticipated album of 2015. Produced by Jack Endino (Nirvana, High On Fire, Soundgarden, etc) Grief's Infernal Flower is simultaneously massive, heavy and personal. Front-woman Dorthia Cottrell firmly establishes herself as one of the best vocalists of the genre by perfectly balancing beauty with enormous power. The twin guitars of Garrett Morris and Asechiah Bogdan weave together 9 songs worth of perfect riffs and fuzzed out bliss with the colossal rhythm section of bassist Parker Chandler and drummer Ryan Wolfe. While the first two WINDHAND albums were underground classics, with Grief's Infernal Flower WINDHAND have cemented themselves as one of the premier bands of our time.

Release date: September 18, 2015

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