Exhumed "All Guts, No Glory" 12"

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Available again on vinyl for the first time in over 13 years!


Second Press (2024)

1560 x Swamp Green with Metallic Silver, Red and Black Splatter Standard Gram

541 x Swamp Green, Red and Bone White Tri Color Merge with White, Black and Swamp Green Splatter Standard Gram *Relapse.com Exclusive*

First Press (2011)

554 x Opaque Red Buzzsaw Shaped Vinyl Standard Gram *Deluxe 2LP Edition*

250 x Translucent Red Standard Gram

250 x Opaque Green Standard Gram

100 x Clear (Not available to the public - Friends of band and label only)

Goregrinding metal gods EXHUMED have awakened from their slumber and delivered unto us All Guts, No Glory, their first new record in almost eight years. All Guts, No Glory's 11 choice cuts of grinding death metal combine the raw ferocity of their legendary Slaughtercult album with the wild ambition of 2003's Anatomy Is Destiny. As crimson concertos such as "Dis-assembly Line", "As Hammer To Anvil", and "Funereality" illustrate, All Guts, No Glory is EXHUMED's finest moment yet!

Release date: May 1, 2024

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