Author & Punisher "Drone Machines" 2x12"

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First Press

895 x Black Ice with Metallic Gold Pinwheels and Metallic Silver and White Splatter Standard Gram

100 x Clear (Not available to the public - Friends of band and label only)

AUTHOR & PUNISHER's highly sought-after early albums are available for the very first time across LP, CD, and Digital formats via Relapse Records!

What started out as the design and build of his Masters thesis at the University of California, San Diego, Drone Machines soon became the subject matter of Tristan Shone's work as the enigmatic AUTHOR & PUNISHER, an industrial doom metal, one man band utilizing primarily custom designed and fabricated machines and speakers.

After developing a cult following for his approach to the genre, Shone's next album Ursus Americanus followed thereafter, receiving praise from both the underground and tastemakers alike; from The Needle Drop praising the album as "some extremely heavy, disturbing, and unique-sounding music; blending elements of doom metal, noise, industrial music, and electronica into one massive sludge ball of destruction" to the San Diego Reader describing Shone's music as "devastating industrial doom-drone metal," Shone found his footing in a space uniquely his own; his devices drew heavily on aspects of industrial automation and robotics, focusing on the eroticism of interaction with machines, which made AUTHOR & PUNISHER an entity needed to be seen and heard. 

AUTHOR & PUNISHER's fourth full-length Women & Children saw Shone take another step forward into harsher, more robust sonic landscapes with what Stereogum described as "elements of industrial, doom, and dubstep," and  music that "contorts that mass into some chilling, unrecognizable form. (Shone's) new album, Women & Children, follows 2012 breakthrough Ursus Americanus, and largely improves upon it."

Dive into AUTHOR & PUNISHER's back catalog and witness the evolution of one of the most forward-thinking and innovative musicians in noise and electronics!

Release date: May 3, 2024

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