Nile "Black Seeds of Vengeance" 12"

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Fourth Press

2005 x Orange Krush with Black Ice Spinners and Halloween Orange, Silver and Red Splatter Standard Gram

Third Press

1553 x Orange Krush with Metallic Silver, Black and Oxblood Splatter Standard Gram

536 x Halloween Orange, Metallic Silver and Black Tri Color Merge with Halloween Orange, Metallic Silver and Black Splatter Standard Gram * Exclusive*

Second Press

1700 x Green / Orange Merge Standard Gram *European Import*

500 x Red Standard Gram *Retail Exclusive*

250 x Relapse 25th Anniversary Silver Standard Gram *Mailorder Exclusive*

A merciless, scathing death metal assault that builds off the energy and color of the band's critically-acclaimed debut, and presents Nile's fury in an even more epic, brutal and profound light.

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