Suffocation "Souls To Deny" 12"

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Fourth Press

1050 x Royal Blue and Translucent Gold Half 'n Half with Black, White and Cyan Blue Splatter Standard Gram

Third Press

500 x Black Standard Gram

Second Press

500 x Black Standard Gram

First Press

900 x Black Standard Gram

100 x Royal Blue and Metallic Gold Merge with Cyan Blue, Brown and White Splatter Standard Gram * Exclusive*

SUFFOCATION's comeback album from 2004 is a pulverizing exercise in brutality! First time on vinyl in almost 15 years!  Masterfully controlled yet frighteningly intense, Souls To Deny is a truly devastating display of technical death metal. Maniacally complex lead and rhythm guitar acrobatics intermix with dizzyingly proficient drum work, creating complex, savage riff collages. Often copied but never duplicated, SUFFOCATION remains at once intricately technical and immaculately heavy!

Release date: January 25, 2019

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