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Sun Dial

Other Way Out7/3/06

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Founded in 1990, and helmed to this day by sometime Current '93 guitarist Gary Ramon, Sun Dial has created its own unique space in the annals of music history with its renowned, sublime psychedelic rock. The band's catalog has been lauded at by the most storied (Mojo, NME, Rolling Stone, Kerrang) and studied (The Wire, Record Collector, Forced Exposure) publications the world over. Even while mass appeal escaped them, this quiet band from south of London has cast a long, if unassuming, shadow of influence that will resonate for decades to come. Sun Dial'S debut full-length, Other Way Out, is the stuff legend is made of. It's compelling late-60's influenced psychedelia came from out of nowhere and soon became eternal. The power of word-of-mouth, fueled by tremendous press accolades (possibly the greatest psychedelic album of all time. - Mojo Magazine), has since turned the record into a touchstone in the psychedelic and prog-rock communities. This timeless classic has been remastered and repackaged to include liner notes and a bonus CD of demos and outtakes from the Other Way Out sessions previously available on vinyl only as Other Way In.


Other Way Out
Return Journey