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Omnivium LP3/29/11

1. Septaugint
OBSCURA's highly-anticipated new album Omnivium sees the critically-acclaimed quartet cementing their place amongst the all-time metal-elite. Omnivium finds the band pushing the progressive edges of the genre's sounds to new heights while delivering the technical metal that has become their calling card. The band gracefully blends brutality and beauty with complex, commanding songs played at stunningly virtuosic levels. Tracks such as album opener Septuagint, Vortex Omnivium, Euclidean Elements and Celestial Spheres are expressive and elaborate, and exude class and the confidence of a band at the peak of their abilities. Ominivum very clearly raises the bar for extreme, technical metal and is OBSCURA's finest moment to date.


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Omnivium LP
Omnivium CD
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