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Pig Destroyer

Prowler in the Yard T-Shirt7/25/14

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Cover art from PROWLER... album and "Postcards from a Paradise in Flames" written in red on the back. Long-sleeved shirts have the Pig Destroyer logo and Relapse logo going down the sleeves. Available in S, M, L, XL, and XXL.


Book Burner LP (Black Standard Gram)
Book Burner LP (180 Gram Black)
Book Burner Cassette
Book Burner Deluxe 2xCD Edition
Book Burner Deluxe 2xLP Deluxe Edition (Deep Blue)
Book Burner LP (White)
Book Burner CD
Terrifyer CD
Prowler in the Yard CD
38 Counts of Battery CD
Phantom Limb CD
Natasha (Digi) CD
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Prowler in the Yard T-Shirt
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