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  • 5/26/15 -- lord dying debuts video for “a wound outside time”... “summer of doom” north american tour with crowbar and battlecross starts tomorrow! More

  • 5/22/15 -- torche announce fall european headlining tour... More

  • 5/22/15 -- locrian: blackened-avant industrialists prepare infinite dissolution lp for july release via relapse records; album trailer + preorders posted... More

  • 5/22/15 -- asg announce summer uk/european tour More

  • 5/19/15 -- tau cross debut release is now available! More

  • 5/19/15 -- valkyrie's 'shadows' is now available! More

  • 5/19/15 -- maruta to blast five tracks in five days as remain dystopian lp nears release... More

  • 5/18/15 -- christian mistress: complete new full-length, announce north american tour dates... More

  • 5/14/15 -- primitive man: new video clip from denver misery makers now playing at revolver; extensive live infiltrations continue More

  • 5/14/15 -- valkyrie unveil full album stream of upcoming lp for relapse records... More

  • 5/13/15 -- atriarch: death/doom alchemists unleash new video; band to kick off four-day california takeover including a stop at psycho california More

  • 5/13/15 -- tau cross: cvlt nation now streaming the entire debut album from metal/punk supergroup with members of amebix, voivod, misery, war//plague... More

  • 5/12/15 -- ringworm: announce north american tour dates More

  • 5/8/15 -- usnea: portland cosmic sludge quartet begins most extensive tour to date; band joins up with ufomammut next week More

  • 5/8/15 -- maruta: miami grind mercenaries deploy "hope smasher" video through noisey More

  • 5/6/15 -- tau cross: the quietus premieres "we control the fear" a "slow-burning" track from metal/punk supergroup with members of amebix, voivod More

  • 5/6/15 -- ecstatic vision detail debut album 'sonic praise' out on relapse records june 30th More

  • 5/6/15 -- razor deluxe reissues out now! More

  • 5/4/15 -- goblin rebirth shares "requiem for x" from upcoming self-titled album More

  • 4/30/15 -- maruta: “stride endlessly through scorched earth” featuring tomas lindberg from at the gates premiered at revolver magazine More


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  1. Posted 4/29/15

    goblin rebirth announces new album; reveals album trailer

    Relapse Records is excited to announce Goblin Rebirth's new self-titled album, which will see a release on June 30, 2015. More...
    Goblin Rebirth Announces New Album; Reveals Album Trailer
  2. Posted 4/28/15

    skinless: new york death metal sickos premiere horrific new video; only the ruthless remain preorders available

    Following the aftermath of their “Serpenticide” track premiere, which left the masses deaf, gored but feigning for more, today reactivated New York death metal sickos, SKINLESS, further traumatize the metal hordes with the visual accompaniment to their namesake track, “Skinless.” More...
    SKINLESS: New York Death Metal Sickos Premiere Horrific New Video; Only The Ruthless Remain Preorders Available
  3. Posted 4/28/15

    red fang announce headlining australian / new zealand tour

    Fresh off their North American tour with Opeth and In Flames, Portland, OR hard rockers RED FANG have announced a headlining tour in Australia/New Zealand this May. More...
    Red Fang Announce Headlining Australian / New Zealand Tour
  4. Posted 4/28/15

    valkyrie announce shows and new song from "shadows" lp

    Valkyrie will release Shadows on May 19th, and the band just unveiled a new track from the their Relapse Records debut LP. More...
    Valkyrie Announce Shows and New Song From "Shadows" LP
  5. Posted 4/23/15

    royal thunder debut “time machine” video via rolling stone tour dates with wilco underway; headlining tour starts in may

    Royal Thunder debut the video for “Time Machine,” from their recently released album, Crooked Doors, via Rolling Stone. More...
  6. Posted 4/22/15

    unearthly trance: band announces reformation; live performances

    Like a phoenix undead, Brooklyn based black/doom/sludge trio Unearthly Trance has returned! After putting the band on ice in 2012, Darren Verni, Ryan Lipynsky and Jay Newman have decided to resurrect and start playing together once again. The band is already currently writing new music for what will be their sixth full-length album and fourth for Relapse Records. More...
    UNEARTHLY TRANCE:  Band Announces Reformation; Live Performances
  7. Posted 4/21/15

    gruesome's 'savage land' released today!

    GRUESOME's debut 'Savage Land' is an intentional homage to the first wave death metal scene of Tampa, Florida, specifically Death's early period. GRUESOME is much more than a tribute band though. Led by Matt Harvey (of Exhumed, Matt was the vocalist and guitarist on the original Death To All tour) and rounded out by a band comprised of members of Possessed, Malevolent Creation and Derketa, GRUESOME sound like they were plucked right out of 1988. This is an absolutely top notch filthy slab of old school death metal, played by the some of the scene's most legit players. More...
    Gruesome's 'Savage Land' Released Today!
  8. Posted 4/21/15

    zombi's 'the zombi anthology' released today!

    Relapse is proud to make The Zombi Anthology formally available for the first time ever. Previously made available by the band themselves (over 10 years ago) in an extremely limited, CD-only run, this is the first time that Zombi's very first recordings have ever been available in stores. The Zombi Anthology represents Zombi at the peak of their horror-score obsession. Check out where it all began! More...
    Zombi's 'The Zombi Anthology' Released Today!
  9. Posted 4/17/15

    royal thunder talk crooked doors in track-by-track clip; join wilco for se tour dates

    Royal Thunder, who Stereogum said have created “the contemporary hard-rock equivalent of Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors,” are sharing a new series of videos discussing the songs on Crooked Doors in detail, with the first clip viewable now. More...
    Royal Thunder Talk Crooked Doors in Track-By-Track Clip; Join Wilco for SE Tour Dates
  10. Posted 4/16/15

    tau cross: npr debuts "lush, moody" new track from metal/punk supergroup

    International punk/metal supergroup TAU CROSS has sworn allegiance to NPR for the premiere of "Fire In The Sky," a stirring new track taken from the band's upcoming Relapse Records debut. More...
    TAU CROSS: NPR Debuts "Lush, Moody" New Track from Metal/Punk Supergroup