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Abysmal Dawn

Leveling The Plane Of Existence CD2/1/11

1. In Service Of Time
ABYSMAL DAWN deliver their finest hour in the form of the monolithic new album 'Leveling the Plane of Existence'. A tour-de-force of modern death metal mastery, 'Leveling...' is a crushing, front-to-back display of brutality, speed, and virtuosity. Massive, memorable riffs, impossibly deep vocal bellows, and relentless percusssion collides on tracks such as the epic aタワIn Service of Timeaタン, aタワRapture Renownedaタン, "My Own Saviour", and "Perpetual Dormancy". 'Leveling...' proves beyond a doubt that ABYSMAL DAWN is one of the best new American metal bands.


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