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High on Fire

Surrounded by Thieves CD10/6/15

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With a heavy-hoofed gallop, the gargantuan High on Fire bash out towering dimensions of sound on the highly-anticipated Surrounded by Thieves. Burning down the pillars of time with quadrupled intensity, High on Fire inject tonal infectiousness as the mammoth, plaster-cracking guitar and throaty war cries of founding member Matt Pike (Sleep) interlock with elephantine bass grooves and cannon-like percussion, creating the last word in paralysis by sheer volume.


Blessed Black Wings
Live From The Relapse Contamination Festival
Death Is This Communion
Surrounded by Thieves CD
Death Is This Communion (Deluxe Edition w/DVD)
Blessed Black Wings Zip-Up
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Surrounded By Thieves Zip-Up
Blessed Black Wings
Death Is This Communion
Death Is This Communion Zip Up
Surrounded by Thieves
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