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Harvey Milk

Pleaser, The (Reissue)11/22/14

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Harvey Milk's final album, The Pleaser is a straight-up, riff-rock tour-de-force; replete with huge hooks, whiskey-and-cigarette vocals, wicked guitar solos, and all the swagger and conviction a true rock record should have. In a startling turn, following two of the most unique and challenging records of the 90's, this trio uncorked an indispensable collection of Big Rock Songs; the kind other bands work a lifetime to write but never do. Whereas Harvey Milk's first two outings showed the band creating their own twisted rock vision by harnessing the power of lush, noisy and painfully emotional heavy metal, The Pleaser finds the band channeling the spirits of Thin Lizzy, Kiss, and early ZZ Top to create a brutish, muscular canon of classic rock jams. And with this gem of a record (and it's accompanying live on the radio performance) Harvey Milk closed the door on the first, illustrious chapter in its legacy.


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