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Brutal Truth

Sounds of the Animal Kingdom/Kill Trend Suicide CD10/17/06

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Metal tomes the world over heralded NYC's purveyors of organized chaos Brutal Truth the ultimate grindcore kings of the 90's. With the release of their post-Earache material Sounds of the Animal Kingdom and the preceding Kill Trend Suicide mini-CD, their time of complete global appreciation arrived. These four musical misanthropological javamen created recordings which left no jaw unfloored. Sounds... painted frightening, Pollock-esque lyrical images of human deevolution and technological dehumanization while twenty twisting tunes embodied the definitive musical expression of survival of the fittest! Kill Trend Suicide negated the entrenched musical trends of the day while confronting the downward spiral of our decaying society and the emotional suffocation of city life. Both recordings combined the most muscular attributes of grindcore, death metal, hardcore punk and rock. Here they are combined in one larger-than-life and specially priced package; remastered, repackaged, and replete with bonus video footage, extensive, exhaustive liner notes from each member of the band, and a forward from Choosing Death author Albert Mudrian. These modern-day classics are strong medicine to cure weak trends!


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Sounds of the Animal Kingdom/Kill Trend Suicide CD
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