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Dillinger Escape Plan, The

Miss Machine CD7/20/04

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Merging unparalleled musical bravery, prodigious musicianship, flawless execution and an angular landscape of forward thinking ideas, Dillinger reinvent the rock 'n roll idiom while pleasing their harshest critics: themselves. Miss Machine's modernist clang proves once and for all why DEP is a paradigm to be followed, a yardstick by which other bands are measured.


Ire Works LP Reissue *Pink/Blue Merge* European Import
Miss Machine LP Reissue *Green/White w/ Rainbow Splatter* European Import
Calculating Infinity LP Reissue *Orange/Black Merge* European Import
Miss Machine: The DVD
Miss Machine: The DVD (Jewel Case)
Under the Running Board CD
Calculating Infinity CD
Under the Running Board (Reissue + Bonus)
Calculating Infinity T-Shirt
Calculating Infinity Sweatshirt