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Live the Storm (Zip-Up) Sweatshirt


Live the Storm (Zip-Up) Sweatshirt

Post Advance Live The Storm Download

Posted 11/27/07
Sweden's DISFEAR has posted an advance download track, Get It Off? from their forthcoming album Live The Storm. Get It Off?can be heard now via and

DISFEAR recorded Live The Storm, the follow-up to 2003's Misanthropic Generation, with CONVERGE guitarist Kurt Ballou at his God City Studios in Salem, MA. The complete tracklisting is as follows: Get It Off? Fiery Father? Deadweight? The Cage? The Furnace? Live The Storm? Testament? In Exodus? Maps of War? and Phantom? Live The Storm will see a January 22 North American release date, January 28 internationally, and is available for pre-order now at this location: Live footage of DISFEAR performing Live The Storm track, Phantom? can be seen now at this location:

The band is planning on at least two visits Stateside in early 2008, one west coast and one east coast tour, in support of Live The Storm.



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