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Rest, The


Rest, The

Relapse To Re-Issue Classic Album, Collection from DISRUPT

Posted 2/23/07
Relapse will reissue Unrest, the one-and-only full-length album from Boston's crust-hardcore kings DISRUPT.

The legendary record, widely considered amongst the most extreme and influential hardcore grind albums in the early 90's, has been completely re-mastered and repackaged and will be released on April 3rd (April 9th internationally).

Along with Unrest, Relapse will issue The Rest, the first official collection of DISRUPT splits, demos, vinyl-only Ep's and previously unreleased live recordings. The Rest clocks in at almost two hours in length, with 78 tracks over 2 discs spanning the band's history from early demos to later-day live recordings.

Additionally, Relapse will issue an extremely limited, one-pressing-only DISRUPT box set titled DisruptDead. DisruptDead contains Unrest, The Rest, the first ever DISRUPT DVD featuring 4 live shows, a 52-page booklet and more.

Unrest and The Rest will be available in stores nationwide starting April 3rd (April 9th internationally), while DisruptDead will only be available exclusively via More information on each can be found here:



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