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Olidous Operettas CD

County Medical Examiners, The

Olidous Operettas CD

THE COUNTY MEDICAL EXAMINERS Issue 'Olidous Operettas' In Deluxe Packaging

Posted 1/23/07
Underground grind/metal band THE COUNTY MEDICAL EXAMINERS sees the release of their Relapse debut, Olidous Operettas today, Tuesday January 23 in North America (January 29 internationally) in a package as unique as the band themselves.

Olidous Operettas comes in a deluxe biohazard specimen package with extended medical text-book insertions and topped off with a "corpse" scented scratch-n-sniff CD. The disc itself, when scratched lightly, will emit a noxious odor that closely resembles that of what TCME's own Dr. Fairbanks describes as the "Essence of Putrescence". A sample of the Olidous Operettas artwork can be previewed here:

Audio samples from Olidous Operettas can be found via this TCME e-card ( and the band's official MySpace page:
County Medical Examiners, The



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