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LENG TCH'E Nears Completion of New Full-Length

Posted 6/10/06
Belgian razor grinders LENG TCH'E are nearing the completion of their new full-length record Marasmus.

The quintet recorded Marasmus' fourteen tracks at CCR Studios before taking the record to the legendary Studio Fredman in Gothenburg, Sweden to mix with engineer Fredrik Nordstrom. Marasmus' working track list is; "Lucid Denial", "Tightrope Propaganda", "Confluence of Consumers", "Marasmus", "Nonsense Status", "Obsession Defined", "Tainted Righteousness", "The Sycophant", "Abstained", "Social Disgust", "1-800 Bullshit", "The White Noise", "Pattern", "The Devine Collapse", "Submissive Manifesto" and "Trauma|Scourge". The record is tentatively scheduled for a March 2007 release.

Drummer Sven De Caluwe comments; "'It took us quite some time and a lot of hardships to get everything the way we wanted but we're done with recording the new LT album and it was definitely all worth it. Marasmus is definitely the most interesting & heavy sounding record we've made so far. It goes from heavy to groovy to plain ridiculously fast, so there's a little bit for everyone on this one. We can't wait to have this out there for you maniacs to get a hold on to!! Expect nothing but razorgrind in it's most extreme and diverse form!"

LENG TCH'E has also seen the release of a split album with France's WARSCARS via Bones Brigade Records. The split record contains eight brand new tracks of the band's patented razorgrind. Please access this link for song samples and more information:

For more information on LENG TCH'E, please visit the band's official website: and MySpage page:
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