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Carnivorous Erection


Carnivorous Erection

REGURGITATE Complete Work On New Album; Unveil Artwork, Tracklisting

Posted 7/7/06
Swedish grindcore mainstays REGURGITATE have recently completed work on their new album, Sickening Bliss.

Sickening Bliss, the band's fourth for Relapse, is set for an October 17 release in North America (October 23 internationally). Advance song titles include: Bliss? Abducens Eminence? Euphoric State of Butchery? Cocoon of Filth? Putrid Serenity? Tenderizing the Malformed? Violent Necrophilic Climax? Cavernous Sores? Reborn in Latrinic Ecstasy? Bleed on Me? Gutrot Hogfrenzy? Undying Lust for Cadaverous Molestation? Battered with a Brick? Devoured by Ghouls? Addiction (an Unconditional Love for Blasphemous Perversions)? (We Are) Sadistic Hateful Scum? Worm Eater? Perish in Blood? Upheaval of Human Entrails? Bathed in Feculence? Bestial Sons of Devastation? Defile? Deterioration of Grated Genitals? Excremental Investment? Hacksaw Hysterectomy?and Catatonic Possession? REGURGITATE have also unveiled the artwork for Sickening Bliss, which can be previewed here:




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