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Carnivorous Erection


Carnivorous Erection

Regurgitate news

Posted 2/22/04
REGURGIATE's third full length album "Deviant" is out now! Recorded in Sweden's Soundlab Studios and Engineered by Mieszko Talarczyk "Deviant" features album artwork by Mike Bohatch and includes a cover of the UNSEEN TERROR song "Charred Remains".

The epitome of post-CARCASS extremity, REGURGITATE gouge out merciless ultra-grind. Faster and more aggressive than previous REGURGITATE albums, "Deviant" deals sharp-edged hooks, strafing drum battery and distorted blasts of bass. "Deviant" is a monstrous grindcore extravaganza from one of the undergrounds most ferocious and offensive bands!

RGTE guitarist Urban Skytt has joined NASUM as a second live guitarist, which, of course, in no way means he is quitting as first guitarist in RGTE.



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