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Genocide Superstars news

Posted 2/22/04
DANGER! Shut your windows, lock your doors and hold on to your women, the world's hardest punk rock band has returned!!

Reclaiming their Championship belts, GENOCIDE SUPERSTARS deliver "Superstar Destroyer", a blazing, balls-out barrage of hostile attitude and drunken mayhem! The GENOCIDE SUPERSTARS are musical outlaws fighting an endless war, and they won't leave until your cities are burned. 666% killer punk rock. FUCK YOU!!

GENOCIDE SUPERSTARS features Mieszko Tararczyk of NASUM on guitar and vocals.

"you can expect plenty of curse words, double-time drum beats, shouted choruses about riding motorcycles and breaking stuff, and short song lengths...garage-punk-metal inspired by the likes of Discharge, Motorhead, and the Misfits." - AMG
Genocide Superstars



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