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Agoraphobic Nosebleed

Agoraphobic Nosebleed news11/26/15

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- AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED / ANb, known for their blisteringly fast compositions and often-times controversial lyrical subject matter, will release their long-awaited discography, tentatively titled Bestial Machinery: The Collected ANb Discography Volume 1 on July 19th! The discography will include everything recorded by the band prior to signing with Relapse, including the much sought after "30 song 7" / demo", long out of print vinyl splits with acts such as CATTLEPRESS, LACERATION and ENEMY SOIL amongst others, and a plethora of unreleased material. Amazing artwork by Florian Bertmer (ANb / Converge split) will accompany.

- ANb is currently preparing material for the follow-up to last year's 100 track 3" CD Altered States of America. Early reports indicate the new ANb material to be "much more in-your-face and attacking". Stay tuned.

- PCP Torpedo reissue on Hydrahead: Aaron and Mark are hard at work putting together this 2 disc CD reissue of the 6" record ANb did with them a million years ago. How, you ask, do you make a 2 CD reissue out of a vinyl release that, itself, barely broke 6 minutes? Why, by including a SHITLOAD of remixes by various people. The second disc will contain killer remixes such noted remixologists as James Plotkin, Justin Broderick, Vidna Obmana, /dev/null, and a lot more. Watch for it.

- Honkey Reduction vinyl issue! At long last, Regurgitated Semen records is reissuing this EP on wax. Should come with a limited bonus EP of unreleased material.

- ANb / Apartment 213 split 7": What the fuck, is this 1997 all over again? A213 is back from the dead and AGORAPHOBIC is stoked to be doing a split 7" with them on Relapse. The ANb / A213 split should come sometime in the summer.

- ANb Reptilian 7" picture disc with Chick Tract: This was originally recorded at the same time as a companion to the Altered States of America 100 track CD. This contains the LONGEST songs that ANb has ever recorded that are more in the vein of old Entombed. It was intended to come out around the same time as ASOA to contrast the retarded absurdity of ASOA. The chick tract is, as you could imagine, a pisstake on the original religious cartoons and is written totally by J. Randall. You can only imagine what it will be like...

- AGORAPHOBIC's new video, for the song "Mosquito Holding Human Cattle Prod" has been posted on line at this location: Taken from the band's 100 track three inch CD Altered States of America, the video was directed by Adam Ahlbrandt for Agnus Dei Films.

- "Until singers can grow extra heads and someone invents a drummer who can outplay the Gatling Gun, this is the shit." - ALTERNATIVE PRESS