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Red Harvest

"This is jet black metal dragged into not just the 21st century, but pushed with howling terror into the future." - TERRORIZER Oslo's RED HARVEST are the most unpredictable and groundbreaking of all Norwegian bands. Because of this, the band has gained cult status and a dedicated fanbase the world over. Red Harvest can not easily be pigeonholed, drawing their inspiration from a multitude of sources and merging them together into their own unique vision of what the band calls "aural apocalypse". Red Harvest may be best described as "Apocalyptic Industrial Cyber Metal". Since their formation in 1989, RED HARVEST has issued 6 critically-acclaimed releases on various labels. The band have become one of Norway's (and the world's) best live acts, their stunning performances leaving an indelible mark on those who witness. Four complete European tours have solidified in the minds of many what those familiar with RED HARVEST already know...the band's live show has to be experienced; a massive wall of loud, brutal and uncompromising Industrial Metal. If Cold Dark Matter, the band's fourth full-length, were a cinematic score (and it certainly was crafted like one), the movie would have been a gritty fusion of Bladerunner, Matrix and The Blair Witch Project. Showcasing a more brutal approach and a more uncompromising and bloodthirsty side of the band. The Norwegian quintet churns and grinds elements of industrial and noisecore with cold, grim black metal, creating a unique soundscape that's suffocating and visceral yet atmospheric and introspective. Cold Dark Matter was an ultra-sonic journey through the dark rusted recesses of industrial-metal, where heavily contaminated guitars, vocals, drums and keyboards intersect on a damaged musical highway. RED HARVEST's newest release, Sick Transit Gloria Mundi is a dark and gritty foray into the sci-fi world of Red Harvest. With downed power lines for riffs, inhuman roars and short-circuiting keyboards, Red Harvest preaches the end time message through a biblical fusion of falcated metal, fried neurons and broken dreams. Beyond heavy, you will beg for redemption at the corroded silicon altar of Sick Transit Gloria Mundi. Resistance is futile...plug into the post-apocalyptic world of RED HARVEST! Discography: Nomindsland CD, Black Mark Productions 1992, There? Beauty In The Purity Of Sadness CD, Voices Of Wonder, 1994, The Mazt? Nation MCD, Voices Of Wonder, 1995, HyBreed CD, Voices Of Wonder, 1996, NewRage World Music MCD, Voices Of Wonder 1998, Cold Dark Matter CD, Relapse Records 2000, Sick Transit Gloria Mundi CD, Relapse Records 2002