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Lost Soul

LOST SOUL was founded in 1991. The line-up included Jacek Grecki (vocals / guitar), Tomasz Fornalski (bass) and Adam Sierzega (drums). The trio recorded two demo tapes, January 1993's Eternal Darkness and Superior Ignotum, released in May of 1994. Both productions received great reviews in the underground press and garnered LOST SOUL considerable interest among fans of uncompromising death metal. In the meantime, LOST SOUL played many successful gigs in and around their native Poland. In 1995, Baron Records released the cassette Superior Ignotum.

In June of 1997 second guitarist Piotr Ostrowski joined the band. Immediately, the band began working on a new material, and put together the ...Now Is Forever... four track demo in February, 1998. Bassist Tomasz Fornalski left the band following the recording of ...Now Is Forever.... LOST SOUL continued to write and record, while hitting the road with increased frequency, touring Europe with contemporaries DYING FETUS and DERANGED. At the conclusion of the tour, bassist Krzysztof Artur Zagórowicz joined the band. His first test was a performance with VADER and MONSTROSITY. The demo tape "...Now Is Forever..." then appeared on the split CD Discos Out, Slaughters In released by the Novum Vox Mortis label. Hearing the split CD, Relapse Records was blown away at the utter intensity and musicianship of the band's music and plans were made to feature LOST SOUL on the 4-way split CD Polish Assault on the Relapse Underground Series.

This compilation, featuring rare and demo tracks from Decapitated, Yattering and Damnable, serves as a raging battlecry for a sect of the metal world which has been sorely overlooked by the general media and extreme music fans alike. In June 1999, LOST SOUL recorded first full-length album, the punishing Scream Of The Mourning Star. Never bending to the conventional standards of extremity, Lost Soul have pushed the limits of speed and technique for nearly ten years. Now, as their debut full-length bursts into existence, these mayhemic misanthropes break the barriers of death metal's past with unequivocal, uncompromising, unbridled fury and aggression. Guitars lash out at full-throttle, tearing new wounds in the flesh of God's gentle flock with malevolently technical riffage combined with subtle underpinnings of melody. Drums pound and blast as if possessed by a demonic force hell-bent on hammering the savior back to his rightful place on the cross. Iconoclastic intonations of the filthiest order denounce and defile those that would bear witness to the feeble christ. With Scream Of The Mourning Star, Lost Soul stands as a pillar of strength in the scorched wasteland of today's death metal scene.