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KARABOUDJAN was one of the many projects cooked up by Dan Swanö who is most well-known for fronting EDGE OF SANITY back in the day but who also has been a noted producer as well as recording with several other bands/projects, most recently BLOODBATH and NIGHTINGALE. Swanös projects are always interesting and often a bit eccentric, but "Sbrodj" is wacky even by those standards. Of all the bands he has worked with before, PAN-THY-MONIUM might be the closest comparison here, with a rather unstructured writing style featuring twisted riffs that are alternately led by a very fuzzy guitar and proggy keyboards, along with the occasional squealing sax (heightening the comparison to PTM) and assorted other sounds (kettle drums even!). There are no vocals here (apart from a few scattered samples), the three songs sounding more like ideas that needed to be exorcized rather than proper compositions. It's all over in 20 minutes, leaving the listener rather confused, but it's actually a pretty cool listen. Swanö of course, always keeps himself busy with various projects, but this one appears to be a one-off.

Highly recommended if you like your prog metal experimental and avant garde,ala Mr.Bungle,Fantomas and Secret Chiefs 3.