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Human Remains

You wanna talk about the end of the world? Here it is; top-decibel, well-crafted chaos-crush smacking you in the head like an iron thunderbolt. HUMAN REMAINS was a controlled substance that abused; the music hit your system like you had been dusted, sent the listeners into spasms of frenzy with stars and dead birds twittering around their skulls struck by the unruly walls of wallop that they had honed to the bone. The guitarists, Jim & Steve, are maniac magic-users, gripped in a bizarre mechanized tone-mime, channeling the chopped and smooth nadir of notes that must come from some nether-nether land in the sky. A radiated wind from the corroded core is waved from their weird wands, and they turned the knobs that turned the riffs into strange, scintillating symphonies and psychotic, sinister Hell On Earth sonatas that echoed the backs-to-the-walls of razor wire in front of firing squads, "NJ - Only the Strong Survive" state of mindless they called home.

The leads were equally alien, they flagellate like R'lyeh rainbows birthing cat-o-nine-tail tentacles and things that resemble man-o-wars ('cept they fly through space as well as the sea). The vocalist's throat is filled with boiled blood and shredded horror, which he sprays in your face like burning-in-pain dragon's breath. The drums boom like Barisal guns, and make the titanic clash march into an ordered anarchy of raining buckets of obliteration. Not to mention bassist Will, a punk rock coppertop who was solid on his bass as his head is bald. The band rose further from categories such as death metal, the crossed wires of styles transcend the sound beyond language limitations and faint descriptions in comparison to the real sound and raging aggression, live and in studio.

HUMAN REMAINS are tightly wound around their wounds: I scream, you scream, we all scream... THE SKIES DENIED You've head about HUMAN REMAINS breaking up but it's only half true. Yes, that band has split, but the remainder have sworn themselves to THE SKIES DENIED, a new path that travels in the same direction to nuke your thorp. True, things change, but the precision overtures of scourge and perdition that black marked them in the past do not wash off, even under acid rain or burn scars. Evolution will only strengthen their sacrifice with a stronger shadow, so place a pipe bomb in your memory banks and move on. They have. Some linger, left in the debris of ruin to raise another obliterating obelisk, before the razor wire of the future is rolled out snake eyes, and all the vials of revelation are emptied into the seven seas. Where HUMAN REMAINS met its' fate, THE SKIES DENIED will continue the cave-in of the clouds....

Paul Miller - vocals
Steve Procopio and Jim Baglino- guitar
Ted Patterson - bass til '94
William Carl Black - bass after '94
David Witte - drums

Steve Procopio- guitar
Ted Patterson - bass
David Witte - drums