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Guattari (From the West Flows Grey Ash and Pestilence) CD


Guattari (From the West Flows Grey Ash and Pestilence) CD


"A holocaustic vortex of distorted guitars and vocals over monstrously heavy beats...a slow-motion sonic apocalypse in glorious monochrome." - ALTERNATIVE PRESS

"Mindfucks don't come more intense than this." - METAL HAMMER

HALO is a two piece sound-excreting entity based in Melbourne, Australia. HALO uses bass guitar, drums, voice and miscellaneous noise to create crushing subversive anti-music. Beginning as a three piece, HALO self-released two CDs in limited numbers before compacting to its current two piece lineup, allowing for maximum creative power and flexibility. HALO often incorporates electronic noise textures via four-track tapes and digital samplers to complete their shuddering wall of sound. The true power of HALO is best experienced live: a trance-inducing assault on the senses, pure cathartic terrorism and full-frequency blast. HALO has deafened audiences at countless clubs, pubs, warehouses and festivals around Melbourne including supporting BRUTAL TRUTH in 1999. Drawing from an expansive range of sonic ideas and influences, as well as a love of constant experimentation, HALO is equally at home with grinding riff-driven noisecore and improvised dronal ambient noise, often mixing the two for maximum terror effect. While still existed, HALO averaged over 1,000 visits/listens/downloads per month, being at times number one in the genres of doom and industrial metal.

Released in September, 2001, 'Guattari (From the West Flows Grey Ash and Pestilence)' was the ultimate realization to date of HALO's sonic identity. Dealing with fear and loathing in this age of corporate disease and environmental annhiliation, mixing bonecrushing heaviness with searing caustic noise textures, 'Guattari...' delivered truly extreme music from a very unique band. At times compared to a bastardized mixture of early SWANS, GODFLESH and DISEMBOWELMENT, HALO dismantled, leaking shuddering passages of electronic decay and radioactive drone on their debut CD for Relapse Records. A two week U.S. tour with labelmates MASTODON and BONGZILLA in May, 2002 more than confirmed what HALO's fans were hoping - that HALO's live performances were as deadly as their recorded output. High-profile appearances at both the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival and NJ Metalfest drove the point home even further. Having punctured the harsh outer skin with 'Guattari (From the West Flows Grey Ash & Pestilence),' HALO burrow deeper into the corrupt inner flesh of post-industrial depravity and corporate disease with 'Body of Light.' A rumbling diatribe of fear, loathing and pure sonic oppression, 'Body of Light' swallows its listener with the density of a collapsing star. Slow motion dirge. The collapse of culture. HALO.

Skye Klein: Bass, Voices
Robert Allen: Drums

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