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Gruntsplatter came to be in 1994 after about a year of miscellaneous experimentation. It has always been a malleable creature that hovered in the gray area between abrasive noise and dark ambient. Mood and depth of composition have continually been of the first importance for Gruntsplatter. By mixing the harsher elements and their details with the more atmospheric elements the aim has remained to create something evocative and subtle in its detail. Foremost an avenue of catharsis Gruntsplatter also draws from literature, history and the death rattles and rituals of our eroding gene pool. Scott Candey, the sole individual behind the project, has also collaborated with others under the names Circadian (w/ Nothing), Triage (w/ Ruhr Hunter). Blunt Force Trauma (w/ Deathpile) and Umbra (w/Murderous Vision). In addition to these things Scott also runs the label and distro Crionic Mind, and co-edits Worm Gear zine. Selected Discography "Bisect: A 90 min Split" w/ Torture Chamber - MC - Crionic Mind "Split" w/ Ruhr Hunter - CD - Glass Throat Recordings "Split" w/. Slowvent - CD - Crionic Mind "Pest Maiden" - 7"/MC - Troniks "The Death Fires" - CD - Crowd Control Activities "Chronicling The Famine" - CD - Desolation House "The Organ Harvest: Rare & Unreleased 1994-1999" - CDR - Audio Savant "Pest Maiden" - CD - Pac Rec/Troniks "The Passions Of A Cripple" - 12" - Force of Nature "The Eulogists Assembly" - CD - Eibon Records "The Aberrant Laboratory" - CD - Dark Vinyl (coming fall 2005) Official website: GRUNTSPLATTER on MySpace: