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Gore Beyond Necropsy

Grind act GORE BEYOND NECROPSY set the scene with the disturbing 1992 demo I Recommend You Amputation. First product was the 7" EP This Is An EP You Want in 1993 followed by a 1994 live tape. Their shared album with notorious Electro-Anarchists MERZBOW Rectal Anarchy was far from subtle, the album cover graced by an enlarged anus and the song content comprising of warped cover versions. In 1997 GORE BEYOND NECROPSY toured Australia with Victoria's WARSORE and returned the compliment by arranging Japanese dates for WARSORE and issuing a split 7" single. The band managed to cram over 50 tracks into just under 25 minutes on their 1999 album Noise A Go Go. A split single with Swedish Grindsters ARSEDESTROYER arrived in 2000 and the pair toured Japan the same year.