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Nothing Positive, Only Negative CD


Nothing Positive, Only Negative CD


"Thick, heavy, and powerful with plenty of rockin energy backing it"- SLUG & LETTUCE

" A cool combination of His Hero is Gone, Eyehategod, and Discharge, with a whole lot of Black Sabbath!" - AVERSION ONLINE

"An appropriate soundtrack for a docudrama on the Manson Family." - PUNK PLANET

Facedowninshit are dedicated to their music; melding the ethos and grassroots approach of hardcore and punk, the sincerity of blues, and a forceful energy to create their unique brand of southern fried dirt metal. Facedowninshit formed in 1999 out of a punk band in Greensboro, NC that featured Ryan Wolfe on drums and Waylon Riffs on bass and vocals. The two met up with Jason Crumer and recorded a demo tape in 2000 under the name facedowninshit. Immediately after the band self-released this demo tape, facedowninshit teamed up with USA Is A Monster for two-months for their first-ever US tour. Upon returning home, the band recorded their first full-length album, Concrete World, which they self-released as a LP in 2001. Not waiting for nor needing any support, facedowninshit booked their own full US tour in 2001 backing this LP release. Concrete World saw a CD release with bonus material (the bonus material would later surface on a split 10" under the title of Shit Bloody Shit in 2002.

Staying true to form Jason, Ryan, Waylon and new guitarist David Sullivan quickly hit the road in support of this release on another self -booked, -financed and -promoted US tour and began road testing new material that would appear on their next full-length album, Passing Times. facedowninshit relocated from Greensboro to Portland, OR in 2003 and finished writing Passing Times. Letting no time pass them by, the band scheduled a weeks worth of time to record at the Jam Room in Columbia, SC and booked another full US tour around the recording dates. Passing Times saw a 2004 release via Crimethinc in the US and Exutoire in Europe. Jason, Ryan and Waylon decided to move back East in 2004, while David choose to stay in Portland to play with Last of The Juanitas. Upon the release of Passing Times, the band began extensive touring once again starting with a full eight-week US tour. Immediately following, facedowninshit made their first cross-Atlantic trip to tour Europe for two months. facedowninshit stayed active by writing and playing throughout the East coast and South with the likes of Today Is The Day, Kylesa, Baroness, Municipal Waste, USA Is A Monster and countless others.

The band's fierce independence and hard work caught the attention of Relapse Records, signing a deal with them in the summer of 2005. The band is currently spread along the eastern seaboard writing their Relapse debut where guitarist Jason Crummer hopes to capture the live sound, create something a LOT more raw.

facedowninshit is:
Jason Crumer: guitar - vocals
Ryan Wolfe: drums
Waylon Riffs: bass - vocals

facedowninshit online: