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Despised Icon

Born in January 2002, the Montreal methodic death metal six-piece DESPISED ICON was formed featuring members of such prolific bands as Neuraxis, In Dying Days and Heaven, and Cry. Consumed By Your Poison, the band's first album, was released in October 2002 on Canada's Galy Records and quickly caught the attention of the growing underground metal community. From the album's release, DESPISED ICON performed countless shows and festivals, unleashing its brutal brand of death metal on many unsuspecting witnesses. In early 2004, DESPISED ICON recorded its second release, an EP entitled Syndicated Murderers, which further established the band as one of the most promising Canadian metal acts to date. In 2005, the band has reached a turning point in its budding career as it marked the release of its split CD on Relapse Records with Bodies in the Gears of the Apparatus and the signing of a worldwide deal with Century Media Records.