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Dead World

A native of Denver, Canady has been into sonic doom since high school, when he was part of a death-metal act called Psychotic Society. He subsequently participated in a hardcore group, Velcro Overdose ("I'm not very excited about talking about that one," he notes) before forming Dead World with guitarist Kevin Kopp and drummer Greg Knoll during the fall of 1991. The trio cut a series of demos at Denver's Platinum Studios that impressed the suits at Pennsylvania-based Relapse Records, best known for releasing manifestos by the popular metal combo Neurosis; a contract was signed, and the tapes were released in 1992 under the title Collusion. Knoll left the band prior to its next two Relapse offerings (a full-length, The Machine, and an EP, This Will Hurt Someone), and by early 1994, Kopp was gone as well. Canady, who was living in Pennsylvania and working as Relapse's art director at the time of Kopp's departure, takes much of the blame for these lineup shifts: "I'm a control freak," he says unapologetically.