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Agenda of Swine

The idea for Agenda Of Swine came to life in 2004, though it wasn't until the Spring of 2006 when Pete Ponitkoff, Jeff Lenormand, John Gotelli, Emad Jaghab, and Jason Behan formed the band. This formation came together while Ponitkoff's previous project BUNUMB and Lenormand and Gotelli's VULGAR PIGEONS went on indefinite hiatus.  By the end of 2006, Agenda Of Swine was ready to begin work on their debut album The band called on friend and engineer Zach Ohren to record the album, taking their time because rushing never does anyone any good. They would go in and out of Castle Ultimate Studios in Oakland, CA for the next 12 months culling together the audio arsenal making up Waves Of Human Suffering.  

 In the Fall of 2007, Ponitkoff sent off some samples of what Agenda Of Swine was working on to his old friends at Relapse Records who became immediately interested in the project. The deal was signed and Waves Of Human Suffering was set for an 08 release date.  Waves Of Human Suffering is exactly what the title implies, a non-stop assault to the senses decrying the horrors humanity ritualistically bestows upon itself.  But amidst the controlled chaos, if you listen beyond the walls of intense riffing, double time percussion and hardcore ethos, you can clearly hear that Agenda Of Swine optimistically retains hope for future change.  The best Grinding Metal has always been punk as fuck!  Waves Of Human Suffering will see its international release in June 2008. Agenda Of Swine will back its release with some Spring and Summer shows alongside Attitude Adjustment, Cattle Decapitation, Part-time Christians, and more.    

Agenda Of Swine is:  
 Pete Ponitkoff - vocals
 Jeff Lenormand - guitar
Jason Behan - guitar  
Emad Jaghab - bass
John Gotelli - drums  

Agenda Of Swine online: