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"7 have transcended almost all convenient musical reference and now comfortably occupy a melodic stratosphere of their own" - Alternative Press

27 is comprised of sisters Maria Christopher (vocals/guitars) and Terri Christopher (drums), Greg Moss (bass guitar), and Ayal Naor (baritone guitar/samplers). Maria and Terri met in a car on the way back from the hospital... their mom had just given birth to her 6th child, five of which are of the female persuasion. Later, they met Ayal. Soon after that, they met Greg.

Their melodic dark pop finds its own path, as if it's sprouting through a cracked cement playground at night; it moves easily from lushly full to gently sparse, revolving around the alluring and captivating vocals. Some tracks ignite a tripped-out vibe, while other songs explore a more visceral rock approach with sweet, contagious hooks. 27 has been compared to artists such as Fiona Apple, Portishead, Aimee Mann, PJ Harvey, & Regina Spektor. 27's extensive touring has created a fan base which crosses over many genres and continents, winning over indie, metal, punk, and pop audiences alike. 27 has shared the stage with an eclectic group of bands, from Robert Plant, Low, and Rasputina, to Mastodon, Earth, Isis, & Pelican.

27 has toured extensively throughout North America, Europe, Japan and Iceland. During the band's 2006 European tour, they shared a festival bill in the Czech Republic with Robert Plant, and enjoyed meeting their long time hero. A U.S. tour is planned for fall 2007. 27's music is featured in the TV Series "Fashion House" (Twentieth Television) starring Bo Derek, Morgan Fairchild, and Tippi Hedren, which is currently airing internationally. 27's music is also featured in the 2006-2007 TV series ?icked Wicked Games?(Twentieth Television) starring Tatum O?eal, as well as the 2006 TV Series "Desire" (Twentieth Television). 27 charted at #1 on for the most played song, and #2 for the most downloaded song (June 2007).

The 2007 release of "Holding on for Brighter Days" (Relapse Records) includes the song "1001 Gods" featuring a guest performance by Bryant Clifford Meyer of the band Isis, who also co-wrote the song. Maria and Ayal performed on the Isis (Ipecac) song "The Weight", which was featured on the 2007 NBC TV show "Friday Night Lights". 27's music is featured in the 2006 independent horror movie "Redsin Towers" (Toe Tag Pictures). ~? Million Years?seven inch single released September, 2006 (Relapse Records). "Holding on for Brighter Days" CD released in UK/Europe Sept, 2005 (Undergroove Records). "Let The Light In" EP and single released May 2004 (Hydra Head Records). Subsequently released in Japan (Daymare Records), Europe (Conspiracy), and Australia (Trans Electric). "Animal Life" CD released May, 2002 (Kimchee Records). Subsequently released in Europe (Undergroove Records). "Songs from the Edge of the Wing" EP released May, 2000 (Relapse Records).

Decibel Magazine (Brent Burton) July, 2007: "'Holding On For Brighter Days': This is rock music of the most elegant variety, the sort of thing that needs no context or extra information to be understood. You'll never hear anyone say that Christopher is a good singer for her genre. She's just a good singer. Period. The same goes for the music." (Jordan Volz): "'Holding On For Brighter Days' is, hands down, amazing." (Alana King): "'Holding On For Brighter Days' 27 produce real musical beauty with their new album. RATING: 13 out of 13"