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  • “A low note, it carries on the winds; To every riven channel's depths; And to every quiet corner; Where history resonates…” – HOPE DRONE’s “The Chords That Thrum Beneath The Earth” As the release day of Cloak of Ash, the latest long player from otherworldly black metal conjurors, HOPE DRONE, creeps closer to release, today Noisey hosts the haunting elegance of fourth movement, “The Chords That Thrum Beneath The Earth”.
  • Listen to "Open Road", the first single to surface from CHRISTIAN MISTRESS's forthcoming album To Your Death, now via Soundcloud & YouTube. Coming September 18th, this new album is an 8-song excursion in pure American heavy metal. Marked by the powerful vocals of Christine Davis and the rich harmonies of guitar duo Oscar Sparbel and Tim Diedrich, CHRISTIAN MISTRESS is simultaneously relevant and anachronistic. The band serves the song, the art, and the listener with To Your Death ignoring the line drawn between past, present and future.
  • Today MYRKUR stuns us with her new video "Onde Børn". It's a visualization of a travel. A ritual. A birth. Filmed in the wild nature of Thy, Denmark, the video tells the story of the genesis of MYRKUR. It serves as the first visual component off of MYRKUR's debut full-length Mdue out this August on Relapse Records.

  • In celebration of the official release of their long-anticipated Only The Ruthless Remain full-length, which dropped via Relapse Records earlier this month to the riotous applause of metallers globally, today New York’s favorite death metal marauders, SKINLESS, untether the fiery new album art video for closing number, “Barbaric Proclivity.”
  • Relapse Records is excited to share a full stream of Goblin Rebirth's upcoming self-titled album, out June 29, 2015. The stream premiered via Stereogum, who noted that "the droning, organ-heavy music stays true to Goblin's legacy." Goblin Rebirth is available to stream or embed HERE. Goblin Rebirth will be available on CD/LP/Digital, and is available for physical preorder HERE and digital preorder HERE.
  • Now you can hear ECSTATIC VISION's debut Sonic Praise in full before its release next week on Relapse Records, courtesy of SPIN. The album weaves the guitar heroics of the 70's heavy classics of UFO and Hawkwind with the rhythmic intensity of Sun Ra and Fela Kuti. Massive riffs vibe seamlessly with deep rhythms to create one of the most original and best heavy psych debuts in years.
  • WINDHAND return with their third full-length, Grief's Infernal Flower. The album was produced by Jack Endino (Nirvana, High On Fire, Soundgarden) and is a massive, heavy, personal and modern testament to the power of doom and stoner metal's legacies. One sees the urgency the band have displayed over their career reflected in their music - long-canonized tropes are reimagined and reinvented, WINDHAND convey an irrepressible sense of motion even within the slowest of songs.
  • “All rivers diverge from centre; Torrents rage through clutching fingers; Stealing into the nothing…” – HOPEDRONE’s Riverbeds Hewn In Marrow Cloak of Ash is the imminent new full-length -- and debut on Relapse -- from Australian atmospheric blackened sludge metal alchemists, HOPE DRONE. Captured by Christopher Brownbill (Idylls, Throes, Coffin Birth) at Wavelength Studios and Underground Audio in Brisbane, Australia, mixed by Brownbill and HOPE DRONE at Wavelength Studios, and mastered by Brad Boatright (Yob, High On Fire, Integrity) at Audiosiege in Portland, Oregon, Cloak of Ash is a seven-track stroke of sonic enormity fusing panicked, poignant atmospheres with the uncompromising heaviness of a thousand tidal waves. Reminiscent of the lush yet isolated resonance of bands like Vattnet Viskar, Wolves In The Throne Room, Woods Of Desolation and Altar Of Plagues without replicating them, Cloak of Ash is at once dynamic and textured; nihilistic, doomed and hopeless cloaked in the dejected dissonance of the prophecy of a dying planet.
  • Relapse Records is proud to present Forgive Yourself, the debut album from PUBLICIST UK, a post-punk four-piece comprised of members of Municipal Waste, Revocation, Goes Cube, Discordance Axis, Burnt By The Sun & more.