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Surrounded by Thieves
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Piece of Time

  • Relapse Records, who is celebrating its 25th anniversary, recently announced that they will be releasing a new LP from Valkyrie called Shadows on May 19th. The band just unveiled the first single from the album
  • Iconic New York death metal militia, SKINLESS, was spawned in 1992 by guitarist Noah Carpenter with one goal: to be the heaviest band in creation. Following a variety of personnel changes and two demos, SKINLESS established a solid, dedicated lineup from 1997-2001 in the form of Carpenter, vocalist Sherwood Webber, bassist Joe Keyser and drummer Bob Beaulac. This version of the band would later become known as the "classic" lineup. Following an extended hiatus, SKINLESS will again corrupt the ears of the living this June with a brand new studio recording.
  • Lush, crushing, hallucinatory, at times, spiritually healing, MINSK's long-anticipated The Crash & The Draw full-length - set for official North American unveiling next Tuesday via Relapse Records - echoes with a pastoral elegance and tangible urgency that's difficult to dismiss.
  • Richmond, VA's genre-destroying metal troupe INTER ARMA have unveiled a new music video for "Destroyer." The epic cut is taken from the band's glorious 2013 LP Sky Burial, which Pitchfork called " one of the most exhilarating experiences you might hope to have with a record."
  • Philadelphia-based Nothing are heading back out on a full North American tour.
  • Royal Thunder is streaming their sophomore album, Crooked Doors (April 7, Relapse Records), via NPR
  • Channeling inspiration from one of death metal's most revered, founding American acts, Death, into their own mangled interpretations, GRUESOME's impending Savage Land debut is a delightfully horrid slab of late-'80s/early-'90s Florida-styled death metal created in homage to the late Chuck Schuldiner's early masterworks.
  • Torche, whose album Restarter has become one of 2015’s most critically-acclaimed releases, have released a Phil Mucci directed, animated video for “Annihilation Affair” via Loudwire.
  • The Crash & The Draw is the long-anticipated new full-length from Midwest avant sound voyagers, MINSK.
  • Having inked a blood pact with underground overlords, Relapse Records, Miami, Florida's unhinged deathgrind maniacs, MARUTA, will declare war on society by unloading their charged label debut, Remain Dystopian LP, now set to disrupt early June.